Thursday, May 19, 2016

Exposing Christian Palestinianism (2013)




  1. This champions the Satanic Heresy of "Replacement Theology", that prevails in the present Apostate Churches!. Since The Bible undeniably teaches that God gave Zion to the Jews for EVER! The authors of this go about to accuse Christians of having bad motivations for following Gods' Command to "Bless Israel and I will Bless you, Curse Israel and I will Curse you!" And who in Scripture is called "The Accuser that goeth about like a roaring lion accusing the brethren"? Yes, Satan! As a matter of fact, the Hebrew word behind "Satan" means "the accuser"! So if
    Satan is not behind this video, then at very least the authors are obviously doing his work for him, unawares! All of you Bible believing Christians, Beware,
    because we are being accused of being "Terrorists" by the Apostate Church! And this type of lie is surely evidence of it! Only God can know a persons motivation (heart) for doing something! So any time anyone but God judges a persons motivation, they are following Satans lead! Remember, God was the first Zionist!

  2. Sorry, I meant to say that Christian Palestinianism champions the Satanic Heresy of "Replacement Theology"
    THIS is one of the best Exposes' of it that I have seen!
    OK, you will get old someday too!