Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello Everyone

Hi All! Its Clublk Here,

Im Sure You People Are Wondering Why We Did Not Update Our Site For The Last 4 Months. We Had No Funds So We Lost Our Premium Account And All Our Files. (Luckily I Have A Backup In My HDD)

Im Willing To Upload All Of Them Back With The New Movies That I Have But I Need Your Support. As I Have A Family To look After I Need To Spend My Earning On Them So I Dont Have Enough Cash To Buy A Premium Account For Uploading. But Each One Of You Is Willing To Support Us Yes It Can Be Done.

Currently We 70USD to Buy a 1 Year Premium Account On Arabloads or 100USD To Buy A 180 Day Account On Terafile. If Your Willing To Help Us Bring Back The Site Pls Do Use The Donation Button Or Contact Me Via email

Hoping To Hear From Each One Of You.